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Our Leadership

Vincent Coyle, Jr.

Business Manager
Michael Doucette headshot

Michael Doucette

Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Frank O. Murray


Chris Beaton

Business Agent/Industrial Analyst
Walter Belmonte headshot

Walter Belmonte, Jr.

Business Agent/Worcester

Kevin Collins

Business Agent - Boston North

Daniel McWilliams

Business Agent/Boston West
Fiore Grassetti headshot

Fiore Grassetti

Business Agent/Springfield and So. Vermont

Caron Reese

Business Agent/New Hampshire and No. Vermont
Thomas "Tommy" Pecoraro headshot

Thomas Pecoraro

Business Agent/Boston South
Grant Provost headshot

Grant Provost

Business Agent - Maine

Stephen Williams

Business Agent/Industrial Analyst

Danny Coyne

Vice President

Paul Landerholm

Training Director and Apprenticeship Coordinator
Bridget Nee-Walsh headshot

Bridget Nee-Walsh

Recording Secretary
Linda Walker headshot

Linda Walker

Executive Secretary
Laurie Wiltshire headshot

Laurie Wiltshire

Executive Secretary

Annalise Manning

Executive Secretary

Executive Board

Tom Ward (Chairman)

Jessica Mapplebeck

John Collins

Robert “Sluggo” Dickerson

Kevin Monaghan

Examining Board

Bill Wilkinson

Kevin Hart

Terry Suriyamongkol


Anthony Mapp

Joshua Riley

Darryl Green

Sergeant-At-Arms: Joseph B. Haugh
Conductor: Bryan Fantasia