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More jobs under “Right to Work?” We don’t think so!

Brothers and Sisters,  

Big corporations are pushing “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation in New Hampshire, arguing that the legislation will boost job growth statewide. However, no solid evidence has been presented to support such claims. Even Stanley Greer, a spokesman for the National Right to Work Committee, previously admitted that “We’re not purporting to prove that right-to-work produces superior economic performance.

The fact is that “Right to Work” will hurt ALL workers and our state’s economic prosperity by lowering family income by about $10,000 less per year. And EVERY SINGLE one of the 27 “Right to Work” states has a lower median income than New Hampshire.

RTW laws are not a high priority for companies scouting new locations. Companies look for a highly-skilled, responsible workforce with expertise to ensure a job is completed correctly. “Right to Work” will undermine our union’s long-term ability to provide quality training and apprenticeship programs that benefit workers, businesses, and our communities alike.

We must stand together to protect our jobs and economy, and tell state representatives that “Right to Work” does not have our vote. Visit to find out how you can help today.

In Solidarity,

Michael Hess
Business Manager

William P. Hurley
Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Smith 
Business Agent/President of New Hampshire Building Trades Council