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Make Your Voice Heard on Anti-Worker Legislation

Brothers and Sisters,

As Union members, we’re part of a proud history of fighting for all working people. We’ve built solid, steady jobs that mean we can earn a living with our dedication and our skill.

Right now, big corporations are pushing “Right to Work” legislation in New Hampshire, arguing that the legislation will boost job growth statewide. But in states where “Right To Work” is the law, ALL working people make far less — in fact, about $10,000 less — every year. That’s because “Right To Work” actually means working for less.

This week, the New Hampshire legislature is trying to pass a “Right to Work” law in the Granite State. This legislation will cripple our fundamental right to organize, stick together, and have a meaningful voice in the workplace. If passed, “Right to Work” legislation will impact all workers statewide.

“Right to Work” is wrong for New Hampshire, and we need your help telling legislators to stand up for workers. Please spread the word to friends and family in New Hampshire: NO to “Right to Work.”

Here’s how New Hampshire residents can help today:

1. Declare your opposition to SB61 and testify by Zoom at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, January 26. The bill will be heard starting at 9:30 AM. You can fill this out today.

Declare your opposition or sign up to testify.

  • Choose the date 01/26/2020
  • Select “Senate Commerce” 
  • Select SB61 at 9:30
  • Check the box next to “I am opposed to this bill.”

2. Call and email your State Senator, telling them that SB61 is wrong for New Hampshire families.

Find your State Senator and their contact information.

Working families and communities across New Hampshire are counting on us in this critical moment. Thank you for your support. 

For more information, visit

In Solidarity, 

Michael Hess
Business Manager

William P. Hurley
Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Michael Smith 
Business Agent/President of the New Hampshire Building Trades Council