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Help build Local 7’s future

Brothers and Sisters,

Local 7 leads our industry in terms of training, craftsmanship, productivity, and solidarity. We know that if we put in the work, we can continue to lead our industry for decades to come. 

If you want to make a difference in Local 7’s future, we encourage you to join Local 7’s NEXT Committee. The NEXT Committee is made up of young leaders in our union who want to make a difference in Local 7’s future.

Join us at our next meeting: 

Tuesday, March 16
4:30 PM
195 Old Colony Avenue, Boston, MA

Just last month, the NEXT Committee hosted our successful School Supply Drive that collected over $3,000 worth of much-needed supplies for Boston students. And this month, we’re organizing a city-wide food drive to help union families in need.

The Committee is making a real impact in the communities where we live and work, and they are always looking for new members.

To get in touch with the NEXT Committee, please contact Frank Murray at (978) 427-5393 or at

In Solidarity,

Michael Hess
Business Manager

William P. Hurley
Financial Secretary/Treasurer