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Congratulations to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Nominated for U.S. Secretary of Labor

Brothers and Sisters,

We applaud the recent nomination of Mayor Martin J. Walsh to be the next U.S. Secretary of Labor. This is great news for working people across the country. Marty is a longtime friend to Iron Workers Local 7 and all the union building trades. 

We know Marty Walsh will be an outstanding labor secretary. From his roots as a union laborer, Mayor Walsh knows the power of working people standing together for a better life. As Mayor, Marty Walsh stood up for all workers, including low-income workers and workers of color. During his tenure as mayor, 135,000 new jobs were created. He has worked tirelessly as mayor and throughout his career to rebuild the middle class and build a more inclusive and resilient economy, including by supporting the fight for a $15 minimum wage.

For decades, Local 7 has endorsed political leaders who will advance our interests and fought back against those who seek to divide us and weaken our power. Now is one of the moments when we see these efforts pay off. Marty Walsh will be the first union member to lead the Department of Labor in almost 50 years.

President-elect Joe Biden has promised to be the “strongest labor president” in American history, and Mayor Walsh will be there with him, fighting for working families.

Please join us in congratulating Mayor Walsh. 

In Solidarity, 

Michael Hess
Business Manager

William P. Hurley
Financial Secretary/Treasurer