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At Local 7, we’re proud to offer industry-leading benefits for our members and their families. Thanks to our partnership with the Iron Workers District Council of New England Benefit Funds, our Trustees, and your contributions, we proudly provide comprehensive health insurance and retirement plans that ensure you can retire comfortably without financial worry.

Questions about your benefits or retirement? Visit the Funds site for more information.

Members may also contact Local 7’s insurance provider, Iron Clad Insurance, at 617-436-3500.

Health and Welfare Fund

Local 7’s Health and Welfare Plan provides an all-encompassing benefits plan to our members and their qualifying dependents. Eligible members and their dependents may participate in Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug, Alternative Care Benefit, Physical Exam, Home Health Care, Hearing, and Weekly Accident and Sickness benefits.

To be considered an active employee, you must work either a minimum of 600 hours per eligibility period, 1,200 hours during the last two periods, or 2,400 hours (beginning on the August 1, 2008 eligibility period) over the last three periods.

Retirees and their families under age 65 and not eligible for Medicare may obtain coverage under a monthly premium plan.


Local 7’s Pension Plan provides vested members and qualified surviving spouses with an income in retirement. 

The amount of your pension benefit is based on the numbers of years you work for an employer who is required to make contributions to the plan on your behalf and the accrual rate in effect when you retire. As an eligible member, you can generally select how you want your pension benefit to be paid.


Local 7’s Annuity Plan provides supplemental income during your retirement. Along with financial experts at John Hancock and the Trustees, we offer a range of investment options to meet this goal. 

You can elect to receive a distribution when you retire, become disabled, or terminate employment.