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Become an Iron Worker

Help build the skyline of tomorrow.

Iron Workers Local 7 Members enjoy many benefits, hard-won through the collective bargaining agreements negotiated over the years. Our contract agreements ensure that our Members earn top wages, quality health care, secure retirement benefits, and safe working conditions.

Experienced Iron Workers

On average, union members’ wages are 28 percent higher than non-union workers’ wages. Union workers also have health insurance and retirement security their non-union counterparts lack. There’s no denying the strength of employees when they unite to set the terms and conditions of their employment.

If you are interested in speaking with a union representative about becoming a member, please contact Local 7 at (617) 268-4777.

Earn while you learn. Become an apprentice with Local 7.

The Local 7 apprenticeship program helps students gain the necessary skills to achieve a successful career. The program includes classroom instruction and shop hours, as well as on-the-job training.