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Brothers and Sisters,

Strong infrastructure helps us lay the groundwork for healthier, safer futures. Throughout the pandemic, Local 7 members have been critical in building, repairing, and replacing the bridges, towers, and transit centers that our families and neighbors depend on. This Infrastructure Week, we recognize the work of union iron workers everywhere and renew our commitment to upgrade our nation’s infrastructure.

Local and national leaders are prioritizing these investments. In Massachusetts, a new $16.5 billion transportation bill is creating many opportunities for iron workers throughout the Commonwealth. And this spring, President Biden announced the American Jobs Plan, which would make historic repairs to our infrastructure while bringing great union jobs to our communities. 

All of us at Local 7 are dedicated to pushing our leaders to stand by these commitments. Please join us in celebrating Infrastructure Week.

In Solidarity,

Michael Hess
Business Manager

William P. Hurley 
Financial Secretary/Treasurer 

Robert MacNeil